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Ghraffid nar Dhores# 8 

Name Ghraffid nar Dhores
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
Died Between 2671.017 and 2671.024
Residence Baka Kar
About Baron Ghraffid nar Dhores was Ukar dai Ragark's economic minister. He dealt with Zachary Banfeld and his Guild from time to time, mostly for his own profit. It was probably Ghraffid nar Dhores who was bribed by Banfeld to get him a surplus cloak generator for a ship the size of the Highwayman.

When the Highwayman and Zachary Banfeld jumped to Baka Kar and broadcast a message on all channels requesting to speak to him, Ghraffid nar Dhores was in the presence of Ukar dai Ragark, Dawx Jhorrad and several high ranking officers. Ragark did not know the Baron had been dealing with Banfeld, so the situation was highly embarrassing and compromising. Ragark concluded he had been working for his own profit and had him arrested for trial.

Baron Ghraffid nar Dhores died under interrogation. Ukar dai Ragark also had the interrogator killed for allowing the prisoner such an easy death.

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