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Vurrig nar Tsahl# 33 

Name Vurrig nar Tsahl
Rank Baron
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
Died 2669.225
About Baron Vurrig nar Tsahl was Captain of the carrier KIS Sar'hrai at the beginning of operation Unseen Death. He was ordered to destroy or at least cripple the TCS Victory so the Terran carrier would not interfere with the operation in the Locanda System.

The Victory slipped through unharmed and the Baron was brought before Prince Thrakhath on the KIS Hvar'Kann where the tried to talk his way out of it. Thrakhath sentenced him to death by isolation for his failure and his cowardly display.

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Record edited by Kris
Last modified Aug 9 2003


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