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Daniel Galbraith# 1546 

Name Daniel Galbraith
Faction Civilian
Race Human
Family John Galbraith
About Daniel Webster Galbraith was of stocky build and richly dressed. Like his son John he was an ambitious man.

Galbraith was a successful industrialist before he went into politics. He became a councilman in the Landrich Council of Delegates and later party leader of the Loyal Opposition. Because of his previous career he had more wealth and power than the rest of the councilmen put together.

During the Kilrathi war, he and his party pulled the Landreich out of many financial crises. He made big loans to the government and it was with his money that Kruger funded the acquisition of Confederation ships like Tarawa and Thermistocles shortly after the war. He managed to secure command of the flagship for his son through his influence.

After the Treaty of Torgo he began to oppose Kruger's government. Galbraith felt that Kruger was not the right person to lead the Landreich during peacetime. They needed a statesman, not a fighter. He also disagreed with the continuing military build up. Although he was no pacifist, he still thought that Kruger was spending far too much money on the fleet. Galbraith did not approve of Kruger bringing in outsiders like Jason Bondarevsky and Geoffrey Tolwyn either, since they made his son's service record seem far less spectacular. By 2671 he and his supporters had almost full control of the Landreich Council and he started planning a vote of no confidence against Kruger.

There was a shadier side to his character as well. He did odd jobs for Clark Williams and Y-12, providing them with information or anything they might need.

He leaked information about Zachary Banfeld's Guild base on Hellhole to the government, triggering a Landreich scramble against the outpost. He knew the Independence would be sent in and it would have looked good on his son's record if John took out the "pirate" base that had supposedly been causing trouble on the frontier.

During the Baka Kar action (the raid on Ukar dai Ragark and the KIS Vorghath) Galbraith managed to get Kruger voted out and he set up his own government. When Kruger returned the Council of Delegates struck down the new government, and Galbraith made a public apology to Kruger.

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Last modified Aug 10 2004


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