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Rusmak nar Kiranka# 1545 

Name Rusmak nar Kiranka
Rank Kalralahr of Fleets
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
Died 2667.175
About Little is known of Rusmak's life and career, but by 2667 he was Kalralahr of the Kilrathi Fleets and the Crown Prince considered him one if his most loyal and finest Commanders.

When the Confederation occupied Vukar Tag as part of operation Back Lash, Rusmak, Gar nar Kiranka, Baron Jukaga and Prince Thrakhath planned their counter move. It also emerged that the Tarawa and her strike force were sneaking up on Kilrah while the Home Fleet was on its way to Vukar to take back the planet. On Gar nar Kiranka's suggestion three carriers were sent back to Kilrah to deal with the intruders and Rusmak and Gar continued on their present course, with the Baron in charge of the assault on the planet. If it had been taken back, Rusmak would have been given credit.

Things turned out differently and Rusmak perished, along with five carriers, sixteen support ships, nineteen troop transports and four legions of the Imperial Guard down to the last man.

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Last modified Aug 9 2004


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