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Avenger class Heavy Fighter-Bomber# 1427 

Name Avenger class Heavy Fighter-Bomber
Faction Union of Border Worlds

Class Torpedo Bomber/Heavy Fighter
Manufactured By Psaab Engineering
Length 33 meters
Mass 21 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 350 k/s
Max Afterburner Velocity 750 k/s
Max Afterburner Acceleration 550 k/s^2
Max Y/P/R 35/50/35 deg/s
Guns Heavy Mass Drivers (2), Heavy Photon Guns (2)
Special Weapons Leech Lasers (2), Stormfire (2)
Gun Energy 800 nJ
Default Gun Regeneration 70 nJ/s
Turret Mass Drivers (2), Tractor Beam (1)
Torpedo Hardpoints 4x1
Missile Hardpoints 2x4 Medium (4IR/4IR)
Missile Decoys 24
Front Shield 400 cm
Rear Shield 400 cm
Front Armor 250 cm
Rear Armor 250 cm
Right/Left Armor 250 cm
Core Strength 400/340
Jump Capable Yes

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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