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F-106A Piranha class Scout Fighter# 1326 

Name F-106A Piranha class Scout Fighter
Faction Terran Confederation

Class Light Scout Fighter
Length 12.50 meters
Mass 12 metric tonnes
Default Max Velocity 500 kps
Max Velocity 650 kps
Min Velocity 150 kps
Acceleration 650 kps^2
Afterburner Velocity 1400 kps
Afterburner Fuel 360
Afterburner Acceleration 1800 kps^2
Y/P/R 90/90/135 deg/s
Rotational Acceleration 220 deg/s^2
Guns Ion Gun (2), Laser (1), 400 Round Mark II Stormfire
Gun Power 280
Default Gun Recharge 30
Max Gun Recharge 45
Min Gun Recharge 3.0
Missile Hardpoints 1x4 HS, 1x2 IR
Decoys 24
Shield Power 420 cm
Default Shield Recharge 20 cm/sec
Max Shield Recharge 30 cm/sec
Min Shield Recharge 2.0 cm/sec
Front Shield 210 cm
Rear Shield 210 cm
Front Armor 250 cm
Rear Armor 200 cm
Right/Left Armor 220 cm
Core Strength 220 cm
Jump Capable Yes

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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