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Akhjer nar Val# 1 

Name Akhjer nar Val
Faction Kilrathi Empire
Race Kilrathi
About Akhjer nar Val commanded a carrier at the Battle of Earth. He commanded a carrier at the Battle of Earth and was given an Award of Valor for a ship-to-ship action against a Confederation Escort Carrier.

After the war Akhjer nar Val served as Captain of the KIS Dubav in Ukar dai Ragark's fleet. The loss of Kilrah had made him afraid of the Confederation and of their Temblor Bomb. He was worried they would lose more planets would go the way of Kilrah if they brushed the humans the wrong way.

His confidence grew by a large margin when Dawx Jhorrad and the KIS Vorghath joined up with Ukar dai Ragark's forces.

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