WC Helmets


Hi all!

New here, but have been playing WC since 1991. I got WC2 for Christmas the first year it came out.

Anyways, I wanted to post here to ask, does anybody have pictures of the various helmets used throughout the series?

I'm looking to customize a motorcycle helmet to look like one of the WC Helmets, but I haven't seen the backs of the WC III/IV helmets, and I can't remember if the Prophecy helmets were the same.

I would really appreciate the help.

Thanks All!

Bandit LOAF

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Hello! I will dig up some photos for you!

Wing Commander III, IV and Prophecy all use the same helmet design, and the prop is exactly as you describe: a motorcycle helmet with a moulded plastic piece glued to the front. (In fact, many of the actual props were made for WC3 and carried forward through Prophecy, redecorated for different roles).


Thanks Bandit!

I watched a movie version of Prophecy and figured that the helmets were still the same.

I'm looking forward to customizing this helmet.


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I wish I could get my hands on one of the helmets from the movie. Those things look awesome!