Super wing commander


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Has anyone tried the sheepshaver power pc emulator to run SWC? system 7.5 is free from apple from what I understand. I know there is a 3do port but it doesn't support the joystick from what I understand... (and I HATE using a d-pad for a game that should have an ""analog"" method of control) I tried it myself but I run 64 bit and from what I could find there is no driver for 64 bit to allow sheepsaver (or basilisk II (68k)) to access your cd drive properly. You do need mac roms to use sheepshaver though.


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I found basilisk a little more stable, although ultimately the difference is between the cpu emulated (68k or PPC) - both support swc fine. I played swc entirely on os7.5 running in basilisk, although in winxp(32bit) so I can't help with that, except that it accesses the cd's by an aspi driver. Try using a virtualbox to emulate it, or alternatively, use a cd mounting program in windows and mount that drive - maybe that will work?


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Is there a good emulator for the PC that allows using the joystick? I've seen mentions of a few of them, but there were always issues like cinematics not playing properly.

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Dang, i just ordered a new PC with Windows7 yesterday, unknowing that it might actually prevent me from playing my beloved Super Wing Commander.
Here's hoping that i don't need an Emulator to run another Emulator to run SWC.
I managed to run it on both Basilisk and Sheepshaver, one without music, the other with crappy sound quality, neither with joystick support.