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In what system were the Sivar shipyards located? (Hint SM 1.5)


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Jakarta System

How far away was the Confed fleet from Earth when the Kilrathi destroyed Pegasus and captured their Navcom AI?

(I know it's the movie... so sue me) :)


46 I think is right, but man, that's so long ago and I didn't watch it that closely ^^ - Oh well, I guess I have to finally finish WC2/WC3 and start WC4 to have any chance to answer questions here (knew some, but not many)


Its 42 hours. The Kilrathi fleet was 40 hours away from Sol. Tolwyn: "A mere 2 hours could decide the outcome of this war."
The WCM is something we haven't hit on very much here. Lets keep it up :):

How long had the ring Taggert used to convice Sansky been in Tolwyn's family?



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So the next question would be...?
How about an additional ring question:

What's the inscription on Tolwyn's ring reads?


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Alright. Here's for a very very tough one.


Name three scenes from the three minute Wing Commander IV demo trailer which can only be seen in the game if Blair does not defect to the Border Worlds the first time.


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Actually, the three scenes were:
1. Paulsen talking at the Rec Room saying 'Border Worlders? Barbarians most of them."
2. Seether shooting a Border Worlds pilot saying, "You're lying."
3. Blair holding up Seether saying, "You son-of-a-bitch!"

Another question then.
What is Lev Ariss real name?


Oh my God, Fraix, you killed Trivia! (you bastard!!!)
Either that, or everyone else is making like I am, and feverishly playing Priv2 to try and get to Christopher Walken so that he'll tell us who we really are. ;)