"Sivar's Hand" - Kilrathi mod for Wing Commander Saga


Ah - that's quite understandable. I have one of those on the way my own self at the moment. Congratulations.


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Thank you! I stalled a bit myself (again) but this time I have a better excuse (a new family member arrived a month ago :) ).
Sivar's Hand is still progressing, I am still working on the last chapter.


Thank you for all of your work and efforts, Aginor, on the 'Sivar's Hand' mod for WC Saga. You have really got my interest!!
Congratulations on your new addition to your family!


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@NinjaLA :That would be great!
No animations needed though, it is just used statically.
I would use it in two sizes, one for the ingame portrait and one for the storybook. But I can shrink it myself, so if you can do it in a quality that fits approximately quarter of a US letter page that would be awesome.
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