Privateer 2 The Darkening Savegame and exe editor

Now I can atleast re-set my killings to zero and stem the tide a little.
Afaik, are the player credits and not the killings responsible for the strength and amount of the pirates.

To make the pirates weak again, you would have to reduce your cash under 20.000Cr and i'm also not sure if a once reached difficulty level can ever lower to a previous easier level again.

If you really have that much trouble with the pirates, you could also give your ship 10000% afterburner health, so you can fly more than 20.000 klicks ingame and this way leave fast any combat area to jump. But note: the game crashes if you get damaged with one of the systems having more than 100% health. So either avoid any hull damage or set invulnerability on.

Thanks for the tool!
You're welcome. :)

Any possibility to add the exe adjuster in this nice utility to set all ships in the game?
I searched multiple times the whole exe byte by byte to find data structures matching the ships stats, but without success. The ship stats (other than the editable ones with the exe-editor) like speed, shield, hull, steering etc seem to be stored somewhere else.

However with the awesome help of HCl here, many of the P2 fileformats can now be decyphered/uncompressed and i'm currently writing a program implementing all his findings/codecs/algorithms.
It might happen in near future that we this way find the file storing the ships information and then i'll definitely enhance the p2-editor to allow changing all the ship abilities. ;)

Michael Paul Cottam

Space Marshal
Looks great!

I remember building the ships over and over again as space and frame rate ran out. I think we all spent a lot of time doing things again and again. We had so little disk space.