Odd Bug in Secret Missions 1


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Hey folks. I'm going back and replaying the Wing Commander 1 series, and have run into a (to me) somewhat familiar bug. Just after the Midgard missions, no matter the outcome, Spirit just up and dies. She has not yet been my wingmate (If I go on the winning path to Jotunheim, THAT's when she's supposed to be my wingmate)
I seem to recall reading about this years ago, and it being some sort of transfer bug with transfer.exe but I can't find any information on the problem now.
I am using the DOS version from Wing Commander: Deluxe Edition (Blue Box) running on my PIII/600, using DOS Box 0.60 under Slackware Linux 9.1. In my mind, I've ruled out the possibility of it being a Dos Box bug, 'cause when I last played through this in '96 on my old 486, it had the same issue.
Is there any way around this bug, and barring that, is there any way I can edit savegame.wld to ressurect Spirit, so I can see her dialogue in the bar?
Yes, I have tried the sm2 trick, curiously, the same result.


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Yes. It happens just after the Midgard series, either outcome. (Midgard ends with the escort mission involving a captured Dralthi)


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I've never played WC without having a lot of Wingmen die. I did however stumble over:
WCSAV Version 1.41
which claims to also fix this bug (besides being a cheat utility). Never came around testing it so far however.


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Infamous "Series Overflow Bug". The save game utility fixes it - at the start of SM1 and SM2, use it to reset the series count. Alternatively, just 'resurrect' KIA wingmen.