Most anticipated video game of the fall?


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Starcraft 2 isn't scheduled for this year.

I'm super excited about Rock Band 2 and the fancy drum set. Just next week!

Is that real?


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Yup! Mine finally came. I'd post a picture, but I haven't built it yet. They say it takes a while to put together and configure how you like.


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All the cool kids are playing Gears Of War 2 - so I bought Quantum Of Solace.

A lot of people seem to be bashing it for two stupid reasons - "Its not Goldeneye" and "Its just a FPS". I was never overly impressed with Goldeneye and I won't go into bashing it to bits because the internet weirdos get angry - but the whole "basic FPS" complaint is stupid. The game is incredible fun, and makes you feel like James Bond. I don't need innovation all the time, just entertain me, damn you.

The online feature is probably the most fun I've had in ages, because its just a bunch of people running around and playing the game instead of all those awful people who just use glitches for internet humor and Family Guy references.


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I recently borrowed The Force Unleashed...besides the rather odd story I did like it a lot. It was great to be able literally unleash the force like that throughout the game, although the first Raxus level was annoying at times for me. I'm not a good jumper.

Moving beyond the fall...I'm really looking forward to the sequel to Battlestations Midway, Battlestation Pacific. I recently traded a bunch of games in and reacquired the original. Multiplayer is still fun as ever. The new one looks to add a lot of features and should hopefully be just as enjoyable.


Ill go ahead and put my two cents in here (I know... Im NTNG... bear with me...)

Fallout 3 - Great game. I actually have the PC and 360 versions. Trying them both out, I realize that for the purpose of just relaxing to play it, the 360 version is better. But to enjoy *every* aspect of the game, the PC version is the way to go (bearing in mind that you will need a pretty hefty system to enjoy the fullest the game can give). HOWEVER... and dont send assassins after me... it could have been a whole lot better. Zenith and Bethesda really outdid themselves with the detail. I have to give them that. And I agreed with their choice to keep the same feel they had with Oblivion (to include the same voice actors and even animations in some instances), but one thing they could have done without, was the way leveling happend. It reminded me too much of a combination of Morrowind and Diablo. Also... the level cap did add some good things. You couldnt become *all powerful*. Which I liked. ALthough... I wanted to continue playing the game after the end. Would have been VERY cool to see the world after the water was purified. Thats it for F3... for now...

GoW 2: So far... Love it.

Force Unleashed: Hell on a disc. Bought it, two days later, returned it. When I am behind 5 feet of wall... and I am in a nook... and the camera pans out so I can see outside of that... and I see an AT-ST's head MIMICING my *every* move... when techinically he shouldnd't be able know what Im doing at all. That was angering. And it wasnt just him that did it. Every AI seem to know everything I was doing, whether they could see me or not. When I faced the Dark Troopers (Dark Forces 1 anyone... great game...) I litterally lost the first three encounters with the first one you come up against. Simply because it took FOREVER for Starkiller to stand back up. Granted... if i got hit by a plasma rocket... it would take me a while as well... but c'mon. Hes a force user. Anyway, I will agree that it is a must have for those that are Star Wars fans, but the control and AI flaws left wanting a little more. Still, all in all a good game, just not enough for me.

Now that I have lost my train of thought... ill have to cut this short. Ill be back though.


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its been out since mid december has a bunch of mods up already.

You can download the GECK straight off the bethesda fallout 3 website.