"Maverick & Angel" online


Rear Admiral
A fanfic that follows Christopher "Maverick" Blair & Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux at different points in their lives in three chapters, from Blair's last days at the Academy to his first meeting with Angel on the Claw, to their days together and relationship on the Concordia, through the heartache and revenge seen in WC3, and finally to the final moments of Blair's life (and beyond) in WCP. Some excerpts (used by approval) are included from various works of William Forstchen & Peter Telep.

URL : http://htl.solsector.net/wcl/wcmav-angel.html

- Neo


The entire WCL sub-directory has been taken down. The HTL account is mine, but I was letting Neo use WCL to put up some of his club related sites. Some of the material wasn't really what I had in mind though, so the directory got taken down.

Best, Raptor