Matrix Reloaded (some spoilers of course)

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Also, the brothers tryed to make the sets (in the Matrix) have a green tint, with a griddy feel... ie the scene with Neo and Smith in the first movie.


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They certainly pulled off that effect well in the rest of the Matrix - the colour never seems quite 'right'.

I like how the multiple TV monitors thing was re-used in the encounter with the Architect. It implies that the Architect was watching Neo right from the beginning.


Speaking of the Architect: I just got done reading Harry Knowles review an he said, "Btw… watch the TV monitors, when the Architect is talking about the foulest most evil people of man’s past, they flash from Hitler to George Bush." I didn't catch it but I'll have to check it out tomorrow. Right now it's time for some shut eye.


I noticed Bush too, however, I don't think they were comparing him to Hitler. The architect was actually talking about how he redisigned the matrix to fit more to peoples actual history when Bush was shown.