Downloadable Wing Commander Card Game


well, this is just a project Darthmole and I did. it's in it's last stages and we reeally need some fans to play test it and also to make drawings for the cards. I'll probably be adding another post if it's ready for play testing. but it would be great if some of you could lend a helping hand play testing it with a freind or making the artwork (seriously i can't even draw a straight line...). i'm still preparing a preview for the new game concepts and rules, but if you're interested to know just ask and i'll try to reply A.S.A.P. :D


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I think this was attempted some time ago, but the guy disappeared before it was finished.

My question is, if you're playing the CCG, how are the cards distributed? I have a rather damned good deck sitting in my room that never got used. I have Blair, Paladin, Vaquero and several other great cards too (Mr Kat! Stealth Mods!). Would the game you purpose allow you to have a "set" deck or are all the cards you draw at random?


If by 'some guy' you mean Jetlag and by dissapear, you mean went away for a couple of months, you're almost right!


mostly ships, pilots, weapson systems, and action scenes. the ones in the old ccg are, how do i put it, lame.

we'll need some of the following:
-drawings of kilrathi fighters and capships
-drawings of terran fighters and capships
-drawings of weapons and missles
-drawings of space installations
-drawings of pilots
-drawings of YOU. yes, you! thanks to your generous contribution, we're willing to put your faces in our pilot cards.:D

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That guy.
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you could draw those... or you could get the ORIGINAL meshes from loaf and render them...

That would be really cool. I wouldn't mind playtesting either.


We already have plans to add some of the original artworks but we really want to have the support and contribution of the fans, it adds up to the fun and the perks of being a part of this project. :)