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Do keep in mind that the differences between the concept art and the finished product may not necessarily be due to code and/or hardware limitations, but aesthetic decisions on the part of the WCP design team.

(Which is which, though, is something about which I'd not care to hazard even a wild guess. :p )


I did suggest HL2 character animations. That could possibily work, but its finding someone amazingly good at creating that I think that would be hard :) Still, I think it would be great if that were to happen.


Did HL2 have that lipsynch technology that was mentioned in the previews? The one where you could make the characters lip something with just text?


Bob McDob said:
You stop that! You scare my chickens!

I figured that someone here would get that allusion. :)

And Death, good point about the artistic liscence used in changing things from the concept art. I suppose that is every artists right, isn't it? Either way, I do look forward to seeing Scooby's rendtion.


I'm pretty sure I've seen ones of the Barracuda, Stingray, Hydar, and Manta, at the very least, but I can't seem to remember where. I recall some of them being posted in actual threads. Could anyone point to where those are?

Oh, and Scooby, of course I am not trying to twist your arm here to do it. I just know that you have done some nice looking Nephilim ships in the past and would love to see your rendition of the classics whenever it may be that you want to do them. :)


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The official WCP guide has at least some of the art concept images, I believe (but can't confirm/deny, as my copy of the guide is MIA).


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Lt.Death100 said:
Did HL2 have that lipsynch technology that was mentioned in the previews? The one where you could make the characters lip something with just text?

I havent done much testing with that aspect of HL2 but yes those are features of the engine. In fact a person can pose ever aspect of the face to give the character a more varied visual aspect to their emotion. But on a basic level, once someone knows how to give an appropriately moddeled character dialogue the program does a lot of the sychronizing.

On a related note, the SDK was just updated with all the tweaks from HL2: Episode one.


So it's finally in? yippie! :) Does it already have effect vs. AI-pilots and/or missiles?
And nice renders, btw.

gevatter Lars said:
... To celebrate this new development, we would like to share a few rendered pictures of our version of the infamous Strakha. Through centuries of conflict, the Kilrathi have gained an obsessive appreciation for strength. Many Kilrathi fighter designs, such as the Jalthi or Vaktoth, give expression to the Kat's sadistic infatuation with sheer brute force. However, the Kilrathi also have an appreciation for the more subtle forms of strength, such as stealth and cunning. The Strakha is the techological culmination of this facet of Kilrathi philosophy. Capitalizing on the element of surprise, the Strakha strikes from the shadows without warning. Although relatively lightly armed, its ability to move undetected provides it a tactical advantage that the Kat's capitalize on without mercy. As such, the Strakha is a veritable tactical nightmare for Confederation pilots.

While you sleep, they'll be waiting...

Well said, well said...
Reminds me of that note in the WC3 manual where they said something about one Strakha being able to wipe out several Hellcats (4 or 5 I think it was) .

And I'd too be interested to see those Nephilim models that are talked about here - I already liked those in WCP, be it ingame or cutscenes.


Mr Kat says...
Very cool, Starman! :D

If you fire at and manage to hit a Strakha while it's cloaked in the mod, will its shields flare briefly before the cloak returns?


Hmm... I haven't seen that tested, but from what I understand about the way the cloak works, I think you would see a shield impact if you hit a cloaked fighter. Feel free to correct me, team! :)


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I'll change sides an go to the cats just becaus of that fighter *rofl*

really awesome work