Been a While...


Rear Admiral
Been a long time since I’ve been around these parts, but part of me can never let go of the time I had here with this game. It was my introduction to programming and what I could do with a little bit of effort. Of course, when I joined I was probably not ready for what I was trying to do. My first “game” wasn’t much of a game... it’s campaign sucked and while I look back fondly, I know now that what I imagined wasn’t at all what everyone else got. I was I think fourteen back then.

Now I’m an adult all these years later, and an electrical engineer. I now know what a lot of the programming lingo that Edib was using to explain things that at the time I simply couldn’t grasp. I’m posting here first to see if my interest stays, but...

Edib, if you happen to see this, could you point me in the direction to modify the AI in this game? Be it in the engine source code, or the file I need to edit? The biggest problem this engine had was an AI that wasn’t the smartest, and made for tough gameplay because they’d always hug you. I want to adjust it and give it to the community. This is an incredibly brilliant fan creation that I love dearly, and want to breathe some life into it.


Rear Admiral
I remember how I got into this game.

Kyran: I want mouse support!
Edib: Make something and I'll add it.
Kyran: Okay...