Circe VII

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Circe VII is one of seventeen planets in the Circe System. It is a Terran colony under the administration of the Union of Border Worlds.

Circe VII is a well-established Terran colony that hosts at least one large island continent on the surface of the planet.

Circe VII was one of the primary battlegrounds of the Circean Civil War, which was fought between the legitimate government and mercenaries from the Black Lance in 2673 during the Border Worlds Conflict. During the war, the Black Lance launched a chemical airstrike against the planet, placing untold thousands of colonists in grave danger of exposure. An evacuation of Circe VII was ordered in the wake of this attack.

The Border Worlds Militia sent several Caernaven-Class Frigates to collect refugees evacuating Circe VII, who were evacuating in shuttles. The BWS Intrepid arrived to assist in the evacuation, with Colonel Christopher Blair and his wing providing escort. Blair's wing was successful in ensuring the safety of most of the shuttles from Black Lance interceptors, saving many innocent lives in the process.

By 2675, the Circean Civil War had ended and Circe VII, like the rest of the star system, initiated a long rebuilding process. The colony has for the most part recovered from the effects of the war.

By 2681, Circe VII hosted a population of 4,191,981.