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Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie# 1493 

Name Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Kilrathi
Died 2669
Residence Australia, Earth
About After losing his family, Kirha asked Ralgha nar Hhallas to take him aboard the Ras Nik'hra so he could fight the humans. Kirha's family had served the Hhallas clan for 10 generations.

When he learned of Ralgha's plan to defect, he would rather kill himself. Still, Ralgha is his lord and he will do as he is told. Ralgha promised him he'll let him keep his honor.

After defecting, Ralgha assigned Kirha to Ian St. John as his liege lord for taking out the Fralthi that tried to destroy the Ras Nik'hra.

At Sol Station, Kirha was separated from Ralgha and kept in a human cell. He was not being given proper food and care, or taught how the toilet and sink work. Paladin went to see him and had something done about his situation.

When Paladin told him that Ian St. John is an Aussie, Kirha decided his full name is Kirha hrai Hunter nar Aussie.

Kirha was the first Kilrathi to be loyal to a human, and even saved St. John's life during a mission to rescue Firekkans which had been captured by the Kilrathi.

During the false armistice, Kirha stayed at Hunter's home in Australia while St. John was off exploring the Hari sector, however when Kirha learned of St. John's death, he committed zu'kara.

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