Wing Commander Saga Runs Smoothly on Raspberry Pi 4 (February 26, 2021)


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Here's an interesting video by ShivanSPS. It features the mod Wing Commander Saga running on a Raspberry Pi 4. I don't really know much about Raspberry Pies (Pis?), aside from how they're tiny little $35 microcomputers. Freespace 2 and WC Saga aren't new or especially demanding pieces of software by today's standards, but it still seems impressive that they run so well on such a cheap tiny machine. It sounds like these were made to run via FS2_Open and WXlauncher in a 64 bit Ubuntu environment, and instructions on how to get those things going on the Pi can be found here! Let us know if you get it to working on yours.

Original update published on February 26, 2021


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cool project to run on a little Raspberry Pi 4, I had some success running some games on mine, this will be very impressive to get to work successfully on Linux / Raspberry Pi OS.