Thrustmaster Top Gun USB Throttle control for WC1 or 2



I'm a long time WC fan, but I'm new to the CIC forums. GREAT website and community you have here! I was wondering if anybody was able to configure their slide throttle control on a Thrustmaster USB stick (using Thrustmapper) to work with WC1 or WC2 ? Please excuse my ignorance, I'm posting htis before trying to search the forum. Thanks Very Much in advance,

Michael Kelley

Shere Khan

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it's been a while since I last used Thrustmapper; if there is an option to make an axis return keystrokes in defined zones (like in Saitek mapping software) then you can make your throttle return + when up and - when down. it's a lot less intuitive than real throttle control... but still much better than none :)