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Rear Admiral
2,99 Euro to watch it or 8,99 Euro to buy it.
(Film language mostly in German with English subtitles available. Additionally there is a bilingual subtitle track with English and German together.)

A few german Space Nerds like us :D one in my Gamestar Star Citizen Org, have made a Movie About the Evolution in Space Combat Games like Wing Commander, Privateer, Elite, Freelancer, Freespace, X-Series why they was so great in the 90 and gone in the 2000 and now have a new life with Star Citizen, X-, Everspace, Rebel Galaxy etc.

Some interviews also there with Chris Roberts and german Designers from games such as “The Long Journey Home” by Daedalic, “X4: Foundations” by Egosoft and “Everspace “By Rockfish Games.