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Kevin Caccamo

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Here's something all you Secret Ops modders will find handy

3D exploration 1.5.3 can convert OBJ or 3DS format models to the PEO format, which you can then convert to the WCSO format. It has a 30 day trial version. After that, you can still save your models, but there is a small problem... You can only view 5 models per session after your evaluation period and it nags you to register it. So, it's basically nagware, just like mIRC. :)

To get 3dex 1.5.3, visit this relicnews thread.


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A Agree 3d Exploration is excellent in use. But....the real biggy that I've found is the 3d Program that you do the editing in I can't seem to find oine that you don't have to pay for.....I want to dedicate time....not money!! :)