Request for meshes

Hey all,

I'm looking for a couple meshes. They are the Gettysburg Class Battle Cruiser and the Eagle Class Light Carrier.

It would be nice to have links put up for other WC meshes. To help other fan projects. I know WC 3D hasn't been updated for a while and only has a few classes of ships as meshes.

Any help would be much appreciated :) .

Bandit LOAF

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Neither of those ships really have definitive designs. The Gettysburg-class (it's a cruiser, no 'battle') appears in Secret Missions 2, but it's just the Exeter-class sprite reused. The Eagle-type (we don't know the class name) is something that's only mentioned in prose... we see the TCS Eagle in the Heart of the Tiger novelization.

gevatter Lars

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I/you could ask Lynx for the mesh to the Gettysburg. I don't know if he still has it.

As for the Eagle...I made a basic model for that ship kind of a mix of a Ranger and Vesuvius. I think their is a pic of it at Fleet-tactis.
Lynx should have the textured version and I should still have an older model...I hope, not sure.