Privateer Remake 1.0 - Bugs

John Cordell

Feel free to create a list of bugs you discovered in the Privateer Remake Version 1.0.

No comments, no feature requests and no discussions please.


when using afterburner the energy bar does not go down when shields are reloading, but do when shields are full

(I think it was the same in old Privateer but a bug it is anyway)


Postive standing with Kilrathi. THis should not happen they are trying to kill all humans. Their fighters show up green and do not attack. This happens after I kill bunches of retros and pirates they are -100 and the cats are +40.


When in the Software booth, you can buy always deducts money, if you have that map already or not. I'm not sure about some parts of it, but you can even buy "all" maps when you already have all.


repost, but important:
Plot missions should not spew random encounters, ever (!!) - especially not att oxford 3 ! *cry*


game engine bugs:

  • selling / reloading allows several exploits, including duplications and getting stuff early
  • possible to buy redundant things
  • possible to tractor in odd things
  • sometimes ship graphic is on wrong side of repair/upgrade screen
  • radar can get damaged without being able to repair it. (this post for details)
  • destruction of ship doesn't stop transmissions from that ship
  • asteroids can clip through each other
  • FF missile shouldn't require lock or targeting

campaign bugs:

  • mission enemies not marked hostile
  • confed forces know when you're carrying contraband without having to scan you
  • blockade around palan is nonexistant (maybe only if mercs are friendly)
  • steltek fighter force-jumps you before it finishes talking to you
  • steltek drone can generate an ejected pilot
  • inflight plot-important conversations are way too fast and seemingly one sided.


  • occasionally it's sunny on new detroit
  • offered rewards for missions are inconsistent. example: 4 dralthi - 20,286 cr; 18 gothri - 36,225 cr


Mouse control issue
When flying, center mouse. Open e.g. map screen. Move mouse. Close map screen. Mouse is still centered. Move mouse *slightly*. Mouse now jumps to whereever it was moved to on the map screen (apart from the *slight* movement above). The same issue exists on e.g. bases, where mouse is centered when the ship is launched, but offsets to the location where the player clicked "launch" when a the mouse moves a tic.


*missile amount never changes

In the buy screen, under Ammunition, if you select your missiles, it will say something like number of items remaining near the bottom of the info text on the missile. This is always 1 and doesn't change to reflect how many missiles are actually onboard.


I've already posted an issue of this bug; The linux setup segfaults every time it is ran. And I dont mean the actual game install but the setup for graphics and such. Defaults work but poorly.


autopilot doesn't restore shields (debatable - it didn't in the original game, if memory serves, but probably should have) - neither does landing, which definitely should.


I get some kind of sound bug (not sure if it's inherent in the VS engine or if it's my hardware's fault either) where I can hear armor and sheilds taking damage from other ships as if it was my own (so if a battle was taking place on the other side of the sector, I can hear at the volume as if I was getting hit). The sound fading works for weapon and engine sounds from other ships (loud up close, inaudible from far away) however I cannot hear my own gun shots and afterburners unless in F5-F6 external view.

The Demon has one weapon slot that can only hold 1 light missile (1 DF of HS missile) and the other slot holds only 5 light/medium/heavy missiles.

Repairing all systems individually sometimes still leaves HUD damage (static and nonfunctional radar) unless I get the "Basic Repair"

When using the comms I have to manually set the VDU back to targeting or whatever I had it at after sending message.

I got friendly Kilrathi too.


Something seems to be wrong with the naming of planets and bases. I will use Troy sector as an example. In a patrol the waypoint to Hector or Achilles is merchant_mining or something similar. Same case for Helen. Additionally when you get a mission, the text never refers to the actual base name but to the sector only. So if I would get a cargo mission for Troy it would say diliver x ammount of y to sector Troy at base. Full stop. What base?


  • h-button should cycle through enemies, closest first
  • F9-button is messed up.
    *if you match speed with a target, that additional speed and the vector is always added to your speed and direction: centurion speed=500 + speed of target=300 -> new speed=800 if traveling in the same direction.
    *the matched speed is independent of your facing, enabling you to move backwards (-> problems with enemy movement)
  • lasers are too strong (more a bug than a design issue?).
    * in the original game, it took quite some effort to destroy enemies with lasers only. also, because of this, dralthi are too strong. they are supposed to be fast and manoeuvrable at the expense of armament. currently however, they are a greater threat than gothris...
  • wingmen.
    *why is "merchant wingmen" almost always only a tarsus?
    *the AI is also a little buggy: 2 wingmen kept colliding with each other while moving to a jump-point until one exploded...
    • enemies.
      * movement: enemy (only kilrathi ?) moving towards you and then away from you without changing heading.
      * why do so many pirate/retro talons have dual plasma? and why are they able to continuously fire them?
      * enemies following you through a jump-point is very nice, but the tracking should be a little more realistic (else, there wouldn't be any secret pirate bases) and they should stop once your standing to their faction changes (ie milita/confeds)
    • docking.
      * you shouldn't be able to dock with ships your shooting at/are hostile with. (for the missions however, you must be able to dock at hotile bases (brilliance to New Constantinople/Hector))
    • autopilot.
      * autopilot must disengage when an enemy comes too close (some enemies 2k at my tail started shooting at me during the autopilot animation, ie i could see myself being shot at)
    • turrets.
      * while the turret AI is very nice addition to the original, it should be able to hit a talon 2k at your tail shooting at you (prioritize closest rear enemy?).


*afterburner sounds even if no afterburner installed

It's been raised before on the forum, but always ignored. If the afterburners are not present, then there should NOT be any noise.

If the damage model ever gets up to the level of the original, then if the afterburners are destroyed or damaged, they should not make any noise, either. Or they could sputter if damaged.


  • jump point thresholds block shots
  • weapons don't actually take up any space, but the game thinks they do, to the point that the following is possible: demon loaded up (0 of 12 space free), 1 tach, 3 fusions. sell tach, can't buy 4th fusion, can't buy tach back, still 0 of 12.
  • the faction system needs fixing - as someone pointed out upthread, there should be no way to get the kilrathi friendly with you. meanwhile, i've got the pirates at 100% friendliness either via killing cats or retros.


First Sandoval mission:
  • accept/reject buttons reversed
  • if returning to him after declining, he describes the artifact and his offer before you accept. upon clicking 'accept', he mentions the artifact and offer again
  • if returning to Sandoval before completing the mission, the dialogue text starts covering up the picture


If you accept a cargo mission without having enough cargo-space, the mission is automaticly aborted.

The mission screen should color the missions in red that you don't have the space for, and would it be too much to ask to have the cargo-space needed listed in the mission text? I.e. "Transport 16 units of Iron to New Detroit". This would be handly, not to mention much more realistic.

Also, I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but I'd like to second the motion that the mission screen should list the actual base name, (i.e. Helen/Hector) so you can fill your cargo hold appropriatly.

BTW, thanks for making such a great game remake, it's been quite fun playing so far, even with a couple minor bugs.


All Maps

I noticed that it is free to purchase all maps and you can purchase it as many times as you would like to. The program can not tell previous purchases.


Selling Parts

I noticed when i sold certain parts of my ship that i receive the purchase price rather than the selling price that is displayed. I do not mind the bug at the moment :p