Please help with installing secret missions in Kilrathi Saga


Hello, Please help if you can,

I'm a long time WC fan, and have the official Kilrathi Saga. Can someone please explain how to install the sm15_kilrathisaga file to add the secret missions to my installation of WC1 from Kilrathi saga? I am running windows 10, and am using compatibility mode to run wc1.

Please excuse my ignorance, I'm not sure what directory to unzip it into, or how to do the install. Thanks in advance, mk
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First: If you're looking for the Secret Missions packs that were released by Origin, use (Secret Missions 1 and 2) instead of (Secret Missions 1.5). The file you have is a fan-made patch that provides missions from Super Wing Commander.

Assuming you really do want Secret Missions 1.5:
All files go in the GAMEDAT folder. Be sure to back up your existing INSTALL.DAT in order to go back to the normal game.