Confed Patches


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So as not to hijack Klavs' 3D thread, I've decided to start my own for these little designs.

The first is the Rapier II patch/badge that I posted in Klavs' thread, but I've touched it up a little to include a stitch pattern.

The second is for Thunderbolt VII. I'm not 100% sure on having the silhouette on the bottom, or just letting the main picture be "symbolic" on its own - thoughts?

RapierII.png Thunderbolt1.png

I'm hoping to keep this going, but it might be a little while between posts - having an 18 month old running around tends to cut into one's free time...


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These are great! And I completely understand about having the little wingnut running around. I have the same issue!


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I definitely like the ship silhouette. Ties it firmly to Wing Commander. In real life, I think aviation patches have a mix of pictured craft or not.