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non wing commander subject here, ('cept the name that is) but i saw something very interesting yesterday on Cybernet.
there's a game out there called Halcyon Sun, this, ofcourse, cought my attention straight away, but it's a space combat sim(mush like wing commander)
well i can bore you with a long review, but to be honest, i haven't played it yet, but check this...IT'S FREE! (mush like SO, but with, acourding to Cybernet, a great plot) plus from what i've seen it looks really cool!

here are some shots

official website;


Well, the game isn't too bad. The backstory has potential, but the main story seems to follow the the standard 'New Aliens encountered, new aliens are evil...kill new aliens' kinda thing.
The missions are not overly difficult and can be completed on the harder of the two settings without too much trouble.

Ingame engine...could be better. 6/10
Graphic so, I'd give it an 7/10
Cutscenes (of which there are far too many IMO) suffer from a nasty problem, you can see the left ear when looking at the right side of the face, or you can see the teeth floating outside the mouth etc (this could be due to graphic card issues though, as only a few people have made this comment)...5/10 (for effort).

All in all, not a bad game for free


I could not agree with Primarch more, One more little efort and would be a great game.
Nice and good ideas they have.and work too.


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The only downside on Halcyon Sun is the system recs !!! With a P200mhz, 32mb ram and a VooDoo2 you don't come far these days. But the games of games still run here...


My P166, with 32 MB and a 3D Rage video will be able to handel Halcyon's Sun just fine. Hell, it runs Homeworld with all the effects without any problems. :)