Audio Remaster Enhances P2 Intro (February 7, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Stephane L has put together a nifty piece of music based on Privateer 2. It's a cover of the intro soundtrack. We don't see a lot of artistic works based on The Darkening, so this is really nice to see (hear)! It's definitely a more rich and fuller take on the classic, and we'd be very open to hearing more like it. I noticed that his Soundcloud name is "S Lev." I suppose it could be his own initials, but that would be quite a coincidence with Clive Owen's Ser Lev Arris. I know how to spot a P2 fan when I see one!

In case the original tune isn't on the tip of your brain, here's a reminder of what it sounded like in 1996:

Original update published on February 7, 2021