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Zachary Colson# 549 

Name Zachary Colson
Callsign Jazz
Rank Major
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Died 2667.101
Residence TCS Concordia
About Zachary Colson started his service life as a young, inexperienced pilot on the TCS Austin. He got his callsign from being a musician and was known to perform on the TCS Austin, playing the piano.

Colson later transfers temporarily to the TCS Tiger's Claw along with Etienne Montclair. Even at this point, Colson despised everyone on the Tiger's Claw.

Over ten years later, long after the destruction of the Tiger's Claw, Colson served on the TCS Concordia. By this time, Colson had joined the Mandarins. Colson began a campaign of betrayal and murder. He sabotaged ships, transmitted information to the Kilrathi, and planted explosives on the Concordia's flight deck.

Eventually Colson's betrayal is discovered and he is arrested. Christopher Blair went to see him to ask why he betrayed the Confederation. Colson believed that the Goddard colony and his brother would have been saved if the Tiger's Claw hadn't detoured to attack a Kilrathi troopship. Colson had sworn to kill everyone who served on the Claw, and admitted to killing Mariko Tanaka.

At his military tribunal, Colson is convicted of murder and high treason and is sentenced to death, but he is rescued by the Mandarins. Colson spent a few days on Ayer's Rock but fleed in a Morningstar when Blair destroys the base. Blair eventually tracked and killed Jazz on 2667.101.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 7 2003


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