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TCS Johnny Greene# 1505 

Name TCS Johnny Greene
Class Venture class Corvette
Note Venture class Corvette
Faction Terran Confederation
About The Johnny Greene was an old picket which which was desperately in need of a service. It was jerry rigged with gyroscopes mounted as attitude sensors and clip lights illuminating screens with burned out backlights. It was left on station for two years, without leave or refitting and had patched on Kilrathi engines in addition to the original two.

On 2666.141, its Oxygen Fusion Reactor (Oxygen generator) was hit causing the Johnny Greene to return for repairs.

Following repairs, the crew of the Johnny Greene volunteered for a recon mission at Vukar Tag. A huge Kilrathi presence around Vukar Tag for war games forced the Johnny Greene to hide in the asteroids.

Upon discovering hulks of two Venture-class corvettes, Lt. Commander Ramona Chekhova proposed that she boards one, and have it pushed on a slingshot course towards Vukar Tag, so she can take pictures and return to the asteroid field, all while the Johnny Green distracts the Kilrathi. When the Johnny Green feign's damage and returns to the asteroid belt with emissions off, they were to rendezvous. The Johnny Green may then wait for the Kilrathi to leave them for dead, and return to the jump point.

Unfortunately Chekova's hulk was discovered drifting by the Kilrathi and was destroyed. Before its destruction, Chekova managed to beam photographs of the Dowager Empress Graknala's ancestral home back to the Johnny Greene which then ran back to base to report.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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