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Mike Polowski# 194 

Name Mike Polowski
Rank Commodore
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Died 2668.365
Homeworld Warsaw, Warsaw System
About Mike Polowski was the commander of DesRon-3, Destroyer Squadron Three. The squadron was assigned to Third Fleet and defended Warsaw, Sirius and Sol from the Kilrathi Hakaga fleet. Polowski's homeplanet of Warsaw was destroyed by Strontium 90 thermonuclear airbursts. At the Battle of Earth the crew of his destroyer ejected using lifepods. Polowski, the Helm and Fire Control officers and the torpedo room crew remained on station. They fired torpedoes from point blank range before ramming one of KIS Craxtha's launch bays, crippling the Hakaga supercarrier.

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Record edited by Kris
Last modified Aug 8 2003


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