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Grayson Burrows# 216 

Name Grayson Burrows
Faction Privateer
Race Human
Family Mack Christiensen
About Grayson Burrows started off working for Geof Kane as first mate on the merchant ship Scarab. When the Scarab landed on Sheol station in 2669, the base commander Lars Furstenburg handed him a message disk. The disk was a message saying the Burrows' grandfather Mack Christiensen had died and left Burrows some money and a Tarsus class ship.

Burrows continued working for Kane and the Scarab, but a Retro attack leaves Kane dead and Sheol captured. Burrows' girlfriend Jolene who was on Sheol is also killed in the attack. The Scarab was written off, and Burrows decided to collect his inheritance so he worked to earn his passage to Troy in Gemini sector on a small merchant ship, the Sword of Damocles.

Before long, Burrows comes across Ernesto Sandoval who employs Burrows for a mission and gives him an artifact for safe keeping. Upon Burrows' return, he discovers that Sandoval is dead.

In his quest to discover what exactly the artifact is, Burrows flies many missions for different people who claim that they can help. The people that he flew for are as follows:

Roman Lynch
Lynn Murphy
Dr. Monkhouse
Taryn Cross

Dr. Monkhouse told Burrows that his artifact is of Steltek origin, and after flying the last Taryn Cross mission, Burrows acquired a Steltek gun. The Steltek gun prompted an unknown drone ship to attack Burrows wherever he goes, and Burrows was unable to destroy it.

Burrows later meets with Sandra Goodin and then Admiral Terrell. Terrell employs Burrows to lead the unknown drone in to a trap. On his way to the trap, Burrows encounters a Steltek ship which upgrades Burrows' Steltek gun temporarily to a level which can destroy the unknown drone. The drone arrives at the trap, and Burrows destroys it.

A year later, in 2670, Burrows' Steltek gun was stolen. Burrows again worked to try to find out who took the gun. Burrows worked for the following people:

Lynn Murphy
Sandra Goodin
Admiral Terrell

Burrows discovered that Governor Menesch arranged to have his Steltek gun stolen and sold it to Mordechai Jones, the new leader of the Church of Man. Burrows located and killed Governor Menesch, and with the help of a Retro Informant is able to locate and kill Mordechai Jones too. In return, the informant promises to ensure that all copies of the Steltek gun are destroyed.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 3 2003


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