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Firekkan# 1482 

Name Firekkan
About The Firekkans are an avian race that resemble 7 foot tall predatory birds. Firekkan males are slightly smaller than their female counterparts. Their home world is the planet Firekka in the Firekka system.

Firekkan culture relies heavily on a matriarchal flock system. Firekkan society values the interests of the flock, which consists of a matriarch and her family, above those of the individual. This creates a stable society, but one that can have difficulty adapting to new things unless it is forced to. Each flock grooms a specific child from birth to become flock leader. A flock leader leads her flock in many aspects of life. According to the tenet of the Living Spark, the acts of a flock leader shape the flock and the future. The overall leader of Firekkan culture, the 'Flock Leader of Flock Leaders', is known as the Teehyn Ree. Because of the strong subordination to a flock, and the flock's desire to remain close, few Firekkans, at least in the past, have left their flocks to go out into space.

Firekkan religion and philosophy are very spiritual and are based heavily on imagery of flight and nature. Midnight ceremonies are held at the Firekkan Fire-Temples. Firekkans commonly follow the Flame Winds doctrine, which emphasizes living in the moment and not worrying about the future or planning ahead. Any occurrence can undo any plans, so it is futile to plan ahead. The Firekkans also participate in a number of flying dances used for a number of purposes from bonding to mourning.

Firekkans are very social creatures, and as such have a complex system of greetings, gestures and customs. The first thing an outsider will notice is the Firekkan greeting. To be sure that their acquaintance will be free of pests during while in their company, Firekkans greet each other by searching the feathers, hair, or fur of their acquaintance for parasites and bugs. Also, an outsider should note that Firekkans display their amusement by leaning backwards and clattering their beaks in a gesture similar to human laughter. Other notable things include the ducking of one’s head between the shoulders when embarrassed and the involuntary moulting when frightened.

Firekkan architecture is distinct in that it is created for a race with flight. Buildings are arranged without stairs, or fences at large drops, which can be quite disconcerting to visitors. Bars and pubs have perches for their patrons, instead of chairs. Firekkan pubs are, quite probably, most famous for their potent alcoholic drink known as Firekka’s Finest. Along with socializing over a Firekka’s Finest, Firekkans have a number of recreational activities, including flight races.

The Terran Confederation made contact with the Firekkans in 2653, and pledged to protect them while Firekkan entry into the Confederation was negotiated. Shortly after this contact with the Confederation, the first Firekkans, including the legendary Captain Larrhi, left their flocks and planet to travel between star systems.

In 2665, the Confederation and Firekkans agreed to the terms of Firekkan entry into the Confederation. As a result, the TCS Tiger’s Claw and the TCS Austin were sent to Firekka to act as an honour guard for the Confederation diplomatic team that was present for the treaty signing. Unfortunately, shortly after the treaty signing on 2655.240, it became clear that something was wrong in the Firekkan system. Confederation forces were noting an increased Kilrathi presence in Firekka, an apparently strategically unimportant system. The reasons behind this became clear just a few weeks later on 2655.271, with the defection of Ralgha nar Halles and the KIS Ras Nik'hra. Ralgha informed the crew of the TCS Tiger’s claw of the Kilrathi Sivar-Eshrad ceremony that was to take place on Firekka on 2655.293. All Kilrathi ships that could be spared from the war effort with the Confederation would head for the Firekka system to slaughter of its inhabitants and win the approval of Sivar. Faced with overwhelming numbers of Kilrathi forces, the TCS Tiger’s Claw was forced to retreat from the system along with all Confederation military and diplomatic personnel. The Firekkans were left with only minimal training and a number of Confederation weapons. For all intents and purposes, the newest members of the Confederation were left to fend for themselves, despite the promise of protection that had been renewed with the treaty signing only weeks before.

The Confederation, at the suggestion of Ralgha nar Halles, soon sent a team into Firekka to disrupt the Kilrathi ceremony. With this disruption, the favour of Sivar was lost, and the Kilrathi retreated. Unexpectedly, and contrary to Kilrathi tenets of honour, Prince Thrakhath ordered the Kilrathi forces to take captured Firekkan flock leaders with them, as hostages. These hostages included Rikik, daughter of Kree’kai, the Teehyn Ree. With the death of Kree’kai, in an attempt to rescue her daughter from the retreating Kilrathi, Rikik became the leader of Firekka.

With no way of rescuing these hostages from the Kilrathi, the Firekkans requested assistance from Confederation forces. The Confederation’s military, however, lacked sufficient knowledge of Firekkan culture and society to understand the situation. The Confederation suggested that the Firekkans elect new leaders, not truly comprehending that Firekkan leaders were born and bred and that, faced with threats against their leaders, the Firekkans would do the bidding of the Kilrathi. Faced with this, K’Kai, sister of Kree’kai, travelled to Sol Station to plead the Firekkan case before Confederation High Command. K’Kai found nothing but vague promises of assistance at a later date. Despite getting no help from High Command, K’Kai made contact with her human friend, Ian St. John, his Kilrathi liegeman, Kihra, James Taggart and Gwen Larson. These five individuals stole Taggart’s ship, the TCS Bonnie Heather and rescued the Firekkan prisoners from a base in Ghorah Kar.

The Firekkans remained part of the Confederation until the signing of the Confederation-Kilrathi cease-fire in 2668. Rikik withdrew Firekka from the Confederation in protest of this action, which she correctly believed to be a trick.

By the year 2678, the Firekkan Planetary Alliance had been created and the Firekkans had claimed the nearby star system of T'kirsa.

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