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Eric Jensson# 319 

Name Eric Jensson
Callsign Viking
Rank Lieutenant
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Died 2671.011
Homeworld Denmark, Earth
About Like so many Confed Academy rejects, Eric Jensson sought his fortune in the Landreich. During his career this blonde Dane got into trouble on three separate occasions for making unwelcome advances on female officers. The only thing that kept him from getting kicked out of the Landreich Navy were his excellent piloting skills.

He was a pilot in the Flying Eyes Hornet squadron, first stationed on the FRLS Independence, and then transferred to the FRLS Mjollnir (then KIS Karga). His Hornet was crippled in combat when raiders from Zachary Banfeld's Guild attacked the Kilrathi derelict at Vaku. His wingman and Squadron Commander, Darlene Babcock, did not get to his position in time to prevent him from being finished off. Like so many women before her, Babe Babcock's last thought of Eric Jensson was that she never really liked the guy.

Eric Jensson left behind a widowed mother in Denmark.

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Last modified Aug 7 2003


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