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Vincent Camparelli# 195 

Name Vincent Camparelli
Rank Admiral
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Died 2671.019.0813
Homeworld Romanova
About Over 70 years old, Vincent Camparelli was the Landreich Fleet's most senior officer. He had led the Landreich to victory over the Kilrathi around 2640. By the end of his career he was often ill and had others fill in for him. Though he was still very up to date on operations, he was too old to really exercise command. It was mostly because Kruger wanted to keep him around that he hadn't retired yet.

Admiral Camparelli was given command of the FRLS Independence battle group for the Karga surveying mission in preparation for Project Goliath. He mostly had John Galbraith of the Independence make the decisions.

His last command was in the Landreich raid on Zachary Banfeld's Guild Base on Hell Hole. He'd been bed stricken for weeks at the time and he had left everything up to Galbraith, since the operation was supposed to be a milk run anyway. While the Independence battle group was scattered throughout the system, the Kilrathi carriers KIS Klarran and KIS Hravik suddenly jumped in, pursuing Zachary Banfeld's Highwayman. Realizing Galbraith had to gather the battle group as soon as possible or face defeat, he alerted the captain. The old Admiral, feeling worse than ever, officially handed over full command of the battle group to Galbraith before collapsing. He was pronounced dead shortly after.

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Last modified Aug 7 2003


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