Xcom Remake!


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A talented development company called Nightbird Games are in the process of remaking the classic game UFO: Enemy Unknown (that's X-COM: UFO Defense to those in the US) under the title UFO: Cydonia's Fall

The team is doing a fantastic job with modeling our beloved alien foe and faithfully recreating the look of the original game right down to the Geoscape and other interfaces, but are looking for more people with the following skills - 3d Artists, Animators, GUI Artists, Concept Artists and Movie Artists. If you can help with any of these roles, head on over to the UFO CF jobs page.

Check it out at: http://ufo.yaa.dk/



gh0d (Administrator)
As this isn't about a Wing Commander fan project, I'm moving the thread to the OT forum, from the Fan Projects & Editing one.