Wouldn't happen to my old Nokia 1100

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The first mobile phone virus capable of infecting a PC has been found, signalling the beginning of a new breed of converged viruses.

Experts at Trend Micro have detected the Cardtrp worm that affects handsets running the Symbian 60 operating system. A list of the vulnerable hansdets can be seen here.

Cardtrp spreads via Bluetooth and MMS, but if the phone has a memory card it sends a copy of a Windows virus known as Wukill onto the card.

When the card is inserted into a PC the malware masquerades as a legitimate file icon to encourage users to open it. Once opened the code installs a backdoor on the PC and begins to harvest passwords before forwarding them on.

"This attack is really a proof-of-concept and may be an indication of a new type of blended threat to come," warned Raimund Genes, president of Trend Micro's European operation.

"As mobile threats continue to evolve, it is likely that we will see further attacks similar to this but utilising more robust propagation techniques and therefore carrying a higher potential for infection."

Genes urged users to be vigilant to the new threat, but said that Trend Micro is not expecting a mass outbreak any time soon.

In the meantime mobile phone users should only download applications from trusted sites and never accept an unsolicited application from an unknown third party.

Mikko Hyppönen, chief research officer at F-Secure, said: "The goal of this backdoor Trojan is most likely to cause the user to infect his PC when he is trying to disinfect his phone.

"A typical reaction of the more advanced user encountering a Trojan like Cardtrp would be to insert the phone's memory card into a PC to copy a file manager or disinfection tool to the card. But a careless user might allow his PC to become infected in the process."


Good old crappy phone that doesn't get viri


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A lot of people talk about how their obscure device/software isn't susceptible to viruses or security holes.. but that's mainly because it's an obscure thing. Once their thing becomes popular, people find a way to infect or exploit it.


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Not many details given. Bluetoth virii are just trojans. Everyone with half a brain can avoid them. I am slightly worried about the MMS part tho. Any idea how the infection works there? Do you still have to click on something or does opening (or even recieving) the MMS suffice?
And yeah - my phone uses GEOS, so I couldn't care less either :-P


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I have a Symbian phone, but it runs UIQ, not Series 60 (only Nokias run Series 60, UIQ is used everywhere else).

But trojans/virii using MMS/SMS/Bluetooth aren't doing it by any really covert means. I mean, from what I can see, it pops up about 3 different dialogs (asking if you want to install the file, the file is unsigned - are you sure, and finally, where do youw ant to install the file). Oh yeah, you'd have to visit the message center in your phone first, too, then view the message before it'll try to install.

Now, the nastiest one was where a cracked version of an app actually went and sent some very expensive SMS (I think) messages to the company that produced the app. (If you used a legal version, it didn't do this).


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Nokia 1100... old generation technology.

Much safer too.

Plus, I have this neat little flashlight up front!

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TheFraix said:
Plus, I have this neat little flashlight up front!
I love that light. It's great for annoying friends in the cinema. I don't use it for much else though. You can't beat a good bit of snake either.


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Hum. My cellphone is not old, but it is totally devoid of any connectivity feature (other than talking and SMS). Good thing I only use it for, well, talking and SMS.

I have an Archos Gmini x200 for music and files, a Nintendo DS for gaming and a Canon A95 for pictures. My Nokia 2600 is just for vocal communication.


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I love my 1100. It's the most robust cellphone I ever had since my Siemens C35i (read: dropped a few times, banged here and there, and still in working order).

Except some little bug during my T9 predictive inputs...