Wings of Glory and Dos Box


I'm using v.72 of Dosbox.

Now, the game runs great, but I cannot see the subtitles. (Is there voices? I can't remember)

I got the game running before on a v.6X with subtitles.

Should I down grade to v.6x? or is there a way to get the subtitles working.

Also: I correctly set up the sound. Sound effects work, and music works.

I've set the core to normal, and the ems to false.

EDIT: I set the sound to none, and the subtitles pop now. But is there a way to do it, that it includes the sound effects?

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There should be full speech - if you aren't getting that then something isn't configured correctly.

I don't think you can have both subtitles and speech... I'm not completely sure about WoG, but in all the other 'talkie' games done in this style the two aren't allowed together because they don't match. The subtitles will refer to your character by name/rank/etc. while the voice recording was written around this.


I was looking for this problem and found this thread through google. I remember back in 1996 when I played this game I had both subtitles and voices enabled, but I haven't managed to to that again later. I've just found a solution, so I'll post it here in case anyone else would be looking for it.

To enable both voices and subtitles, run the game with sound and music, start any conversation at the aerodrome and during it press Ctrl+S (sound off), wait for subtitles to appear, then press Ctrl+S again - the sound will be enabled again, but the subtitles won't dissapear!