Wingman's Hangar Profiles Sean Murphy (December 9, 2013)


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Roberts Space Industries has published a new employee interview in the latest episode of Wingman's Hangar. Cloud Imperium Games Austin has recently hired Sean Murphy, who has a long and extensive history building Wing Commander games and supporting the WC community. He'll be involved with coordinating their international teams of artists. Most Wingnuts remember Mr. Murphy as Origin's designer of the TCS Midway. He was also responsible for the Shrike, Devastator and Murphy-class destroyer, among others. What a lot of fans may not know is that Sean is also Roger Wilco! While working as an artist for Sierra in the early '90s, Sean was tapped to star as the hero of Space Quest 5 in the game's quirky documentation. If that wasn't enough of a claim to fame, his likeness was used as the face model for Zach "Jazz" Colson in Super Wing Commander!

Wingman's Hangar interviews are conducted by none other than Origin & Digital Anvil veteran Eric Peterson. Check out the Sean Murphy interview below! There's actually a cool Erin Roberts update towards the beginning, Sean's piece about 8 minutes in, a ton of material involving Ben "Bandit (LOAF)" Lesnick in the middle a discussion with Chris Roberts (in his Wing Commander-themed office) at the end. It's a good episode!

Last, but not least, yesterday was Sean's birthday! Happy Birthday!

Original update published on December 9, 2013
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Happy belated birthday Sean! I immediately recognized his name when I saw the episode and thought of the awesome pictures he provided us with. And then he rose even higher in my esteem when I heard that he's fan of the Conan The BArbarian movie with Schwarzenegger - that's one of my favourite movies!


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My nickname for the TCS Midway has always been "Old IronPants". I wonder if Mr Murphy realized the Midway looked like a pair of pants when he designed it.