Wing Kerbmander Morningstar Video Released (February 23, 2022)


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Last month we reported on capi's slick Morningstar model made in Kerbal Space Program. He was also putting together a cute video to introduce the craft, and we're happy to share it now! It's presented in the style of a classic mission briefing starring the Kerbs. We also get to see some pretty acrobatic flying. The landing is a bit rough, but you know what they say about any landing you can walk away from!

Featuring the F-95 Morningstar, we fight like it's 1992.

Original update published on February 23, 2022


Some context for posterity - this was my entry for the seventh week of the competition. The fighters in the combat sequence of the video were my entries from the previous six weeks. My son created the map you see in the video for the third week of the competition and I've been sneaking it and references to it in since. BAN-JEB stands for "Bob's Aeronautical and Naval Jet Engineering Bureau", and is "the militant wing of Bob's Scientific Imperium and Country Bunker", who we're supposed to be representing (in reality, my son is digging on Jebediah Kerman, who's like KSP's principal kerbalnaut; Bob is number two). And yes, the "Country Bunker" part is a Blues Brothers reference.


If any of y'all would like to know anything about the "making of", feel free to ask. Ultimately the video helped me score nine points out of ten in the artistic portion of the round. Scott Manley was wondering where the bits were where you were arguing with your wingmen, otherwise it might've scored a ten...