Wing Commander Theme Extended in Fan Remix (December 31, 2019)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Artist Gilles Nuytens has taken a stab at remastering the main Wing Commander theme from the Wing Commander Movie. He's taken the primary track off of the official album and then extended it with music from the credits (that wasn't on the album). The result is a longer take that potentially has a more lengthy and robust conclusion. Check it out below and let him know what you think!

This is an extended version of the Wing Commander theme by David Arnold & Kevin Kiner from the 1999 movie. The original theme from the CD album was good enough as itself but I thought it would be cool to extend it with the (unreleased) end credits (which was actually a rebuild of several cues from the album). The sound was quite muffled and wasn't very clear even on the original CD! I did what I could to make it sound better with my tiny and limited sound editing skills. Legal note: I do not own this music! All rights remain
with David Arnold & Kevin Kiner.

Original update published on December 31, 2019