Wing commander t-shirt


So whilst looking for a fun new Doctor Who tshirts I came across this :


I'm loving the various references, and might have to grab myself one (along with one or two others).

the link to the shirt is here

I think that I have most of them but there are a few blanks.

Milinnium Falcon - star wars * Eagle 5 - Space Balls
Serenity from Firefly * Discovery One - 2001: A Space Odyssey - U.S.S. Planet Express Ship - Futurama
Enterprise A - Star Trek * Alien from Space Invaders * Dralthi - WC * Type 40 TT capsule (aka TARDIS) - Doctor Who
? * a Salthi ? * ?
Heart of Gold - Hitchhiker's * Raptor - WC
Tie Fighter - Star Wars * Ship from Space Invaders * ?
Babylon 5 - Babylon 5


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The "Dralthi" is actually a Cylon Raider (Battlestar Galactica), and the "Raptor" is the Gunstar from The Last Starfighter. Not sure about the "Salthi," but I strongly doubt it's Wing Commander. Your last question mark is Moya from Farscape.


Stinger Ninja'd me...though you both missed the Triangle ship from Asteroids between the TIE and Moya. I guess Lilja called it a "Ship from Space Invaders" - same era, wrong game.

Could the "Salthi" actually be the Andromeda Ascendant? I'm going to have to look up just to see if that's even the correct name of the craft...

I think one of those question marks is also the Arwing fighter from the Starfox series.

Leaves that little Poke-ball-looking thing there below the TARDIS, above the Gunstar and to the right of the Arwing. Drawing a blank on that one.

Not seeing any WC here, unfortunately. But then again, I'm not seeing ISS Intrepid from the Starflight series either, so...
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I had a friend on FB say they thought it was the EVA Pod from 2001, but I think you're right; the EVA pod would have manipulator arms.


Well thanks for filling in the blanks, I can see where I went wrong in a few places, unfortunetly I haven't watched the new Battlestar and I don't think that I have seen The Last Starfighter, hence my wishful thinking that there was a Drathi and a Raptor. Looking at the alot more closely they don't look right, perhaps it was mostly wishful thinking ?

I'm rather disapointed that they weren't WC references.

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Well if memory serves, someone on the CIC forums once mentioned that the Gunstar was the inspiration behind the Raptor.


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Someone should look into making a WC-themed t-shirt. It's been a while since anyone has done something like that...and my TCS Tarawa hat is getting a little lonely!

Given the season, a Rodham / Quinson election shirt would be an easy one...