Wing Commander Goes Boom the Best (May 31, 2010)


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UGO has set out to establish the best explosions in the history of video games. The options available are vast, and the top ten includes some heavy hitters such as the Normandy's destruction in Mass Effect 2, the finale of Knights of the Old Republic and the Pillar of Autumn's self destruction in Halo. The article's author also weights some explosions based on their profound impact to the player, which results in some surprising nods to Metroid, Jet Force Gemini and even Space Invaders. The reason we're looking at this today isn't just because Wing Commander was mentioned though, but because it got the top spot! Destroying that first Dralthi in your Hornet was deemed the best explosion in video games. There's certainly some firery fireballs in WC2, white hot flashpaking in WC4 and even WC3's historic Temblor strike, but it's hard to argue against a classic like this:
Wing Commander: Opening Fight With Spirit

Let's Scramble!

All space combat lovers remember Wing Commander. What they remember more is trying to fly for the first time. You take out your fighter with Spirit, a fellow pilot whose honor is apparently "to obey".

Once you get the hang of Wing Commander flying is a breeze, but that first time out in space against enemy ships sure was a pain. That is, until you finally destroyed a ship, which resulted in an unbridled amount of happiness.

Original update published on May 31, 2010
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I have to agree with this article. I had just had my SNES for a brief time in 92 and I rented WC and back then everything I had played had been a sidescroller, zelda or arcade game then to come across this game. I got so wrapped up in it. Also in SNES the explosions did this neat kinda boom echo which added to the effect