Wing Commander: Fleet Assault


Announcing a new campaign for Flight Commander that I'm titling Fleet Assault.

The Campaign will provide shows players what Flight Commander can do with well built campaign and give many examples for designers to use to assist in their own fan mods using this engine.

In addition, the mod will provide users with more resources for their own creations including more comms and WCSO ships and weapons that have all been fully updated to make full use of Flight Commander's latest features.

Details about the campaign are still in development, but there will some story elements included though currently animated FMV sequences will not be included.

All WCP sim missions will also be added for expand the simulator.

Lastly, a series of advanced mission, briefing, and customization tutorials will be provided using Fleet Action as examples.

As the campaign is still in early development, screenshots are limited. I will provide you, however, with an early version of the splash screen.

PS Title of Thread is incorrect, should be "Wing Commander: Fleet Assault" not "Fleet Action"


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PS Title of Thread is incorrect, should be "Wing Commander: Fleet Assault" not "Fleet Action"


Anyway, I look forward to seeing more--I am completely jazzed at the apparent trend of people discovering what a great tool Flight Commander is.


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This sounds interesting. I will follow this project. It is a shame, that there are that few fan-projects based on an original, fan-made engine. Perhaps, this project will set the spot on Flight Commander :). I got you covered on youknowwhere.

Edit and PS: I find it funny, that the thread-title is shortened "Fleet Ass" on the main-site. I am immature...


Well I know I'm going to start my own FC mod, but its going to take a long time seeing I can't model or texture worth beans.


I'm going to provide major mod details, screenshots, and news at the old RG forum for easy viewing. Here is the exact link for the WCFA Forum.

Crius forum (specifically this thread), however, is still a more ideal location for discussion of the mod and any updates regarding it.

Currently, I've posted a full overview of what will be featured/included as part of the overall project.


I think I will attempt to regularly post an update every Friday, so I'm not just repeatedly posting "A news update has been posted."

Anyway, there is a nice shiny screenshot over at the WCFA forum.


News update, mostly on comms.

Of note there are two questions I've posed:

First, would anyone be interested in testing my WCP/SO to FC Comm Importation Tool? Mainly I want to make sure it actually works on other windows systems.

Second, (at the general modder community) would anyone be interested in a full speech.tre for WCSO? IE it would include all of the WCP/SO comms with the necessary files to work in SO without issue.