Wing Commander FL v2.6



The Wing Commander FL v2.6 MOD for Freelancer has just been released.
It should be available to the public in a day or so.

Here's the MOD's ReadMe file to give everyone an idea what's in it:
-1) This is no longer a Ship Pack.
-2) All of the Player's ships have been replaced.
-3) All of the gunboats have been replaced.
-4) All of the battleships have been replaced.
-5) All but Liberty's cruiser/destroyers have been replaced.
-6) Freelancer Weapons and equipment have been replaced.
--a) Only the Nomads have their original weapons.
--b) Nomad and Special weapons not available to player.
--c) Most things are available everywhere.
---1) Prices vary by factions.
---2) Availability varies by factions.
-7) Ship prices are on par with Privateer's prices.
--a) The only Wing Commander game with ship prices.
--b) New ships only come with engines & tractor beams.
---1) This actually lowers the cost of a new ship.
--c) You MUST transfer Shields, Sensors, Generators, etcetera!
---1) Or you have to purchase new ones to fly!
-8) The Bearcat uses the Anubis ship icon.
--a) Some ship icons are erratic, and appear blank at times.
--b) On some computer systems, the top of the Bearcat is white.
-9) All ships are for sale to the player at all times.
--a) The gunboats are not available to the player.
--b) The carrier is not available to the player.
--c) The Paradigm is not available to the player.
10) This mod is incompatible with most ship packs.
11) Ship wrecks have been changed, too.
12) To add to the "WC Feeling," Rheinland (the bad guys) fly Kilrathi ships.
13) To add to the "WC Feeling," reworked the Freeport 7 cinematic.
14) Nomad ships haven't been changed.
15) Reworked some DLL's to use Wing Commander ship names.
16) As in my Equalizer mod's, NPC's use normal shields.
17) Reworked the Beam_Effects, and Fuses.
18) Missiles on most ships fire like torpedoes in FL do.
--a) Use "Shift" + "Q" to fire them.
--b) If you have Torpedoes AND Missiles, they'll fire together.
--c) Banshee, Epee, Ferret, Hornet, Orion and Vindicator have normal missile slots.
19) The Leech missile IS a Cruise Disruptor, and fires like one.
20) My Spinning Planets Mod was added.
21) Added my Hovis Race Bypass mod.
--a) When asked to race, decline, and leave.
--b) Your waypoint to Quintane will be waiting outside.
--c) If you WANT to race, simply accept the challenge.
22) Reworked the cockpits for better views.
23) Reworked the Infocards on the WC II ships.
24) Shrunk the weapons to Wing Commander proportions.
25) Added some Wing Commander/Privateer Music
26) New DeathWish AI - NPC ships now use ShieldBatts and Nanobots.

The List of Ships Includes:
Player's Ships:
Hornet------WC I
Dralthi-----WC I/Privateer/Armada/III/IV/Prophecy
Epee--------WC II
Ferret------WC II
Morningstar-WC II
Sabre-------WC II
Stiletto----WC Privateer
Centurion---WC Privateer
Demon-------WC Privateer
Galaxy------WC Privateer
Gladius-----WC Privateer/Armada
Gothri------WC II/Privateer
Orion-------WC Privateer
Talon-------WC Privateer (2 Versions)
Tarsus------WC Privateer
Arrow-------WC Armada/III/IV
Hellcat-----WC III/IV
Paktahn-----WC III
Thunderbolt-WC III/IV
Banshee-----WC IV
Bearcat-----WC IV
Vindicator--WC IV

Broadsword--WC II/Privateer
Crossbow----WC II
Paktahn-----WC III

Paradigm----WC Privateer

Carrier Classes:
Concordia---WC IV



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ok, what about glitches, when running this mod i cant get back to leeds, either juni gets killed while the gothri are nailing the battleship or else once all enemies are dead we just end up sitting there

Aplha 1-1

Ok I've installed it and it shows the WC names of ships (epee, ferret etc) but none of the new models, only the original FL ones. Any ideas how to fix this?

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Most likely you have a corrupted install. Follow the instructions on the website, and be sure to delete your saved games.

Aplha 1-1

Ok wasn't a corrupt install it was a rather silly matter of winzip placing .zip at the end of the folder name. my bad :(
Looking good so far now.
New Cadet here, and am very excited to hear about the new it out
yet? I had heard that there were some glitches with some of the ships....i am
eager and waiting news.....and thanks for the huge and hard work in this

thanks again


uh, i still have my problem listed above, could someone address that, or at least let me know where it was addressed already


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Did you follow Bob's instructions in the 5th post in this thread? He's the only one talking here who'd have any idea how to address your problem.