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hi there everyone,

I just picked up a pair of starter decks of the wc ccg and I had a question or two about the combat system.

1.) when you attack with 2 "flights" can you attack with each fighter or just with one and use the second for support?

2.) if you make into a nav point with two enemies and succeed in an attack, do both ships stay there side by side until another attack os declared next turn?

3.) what are all of the possible resolutions to combat?
-2v2 success/fail
-2v1 success/fail
-1v2 success/fail

the combat resolution and number of attacks per navigation point are the only hazy parts of the game for me.

thanks in advance for any help... the game looks fun, just want to play it correctly.

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The CIC's own page on the CCG ( was an valuable resource for me this past year when I was building the WCCCG VASSAL mod. Among the articles therein is an FAQ written by the folks at MagForce 7, which may answer many of the questions you may have.

To answer your specific questions:

1) If you are attacking with two flights (call them A and B), and the enemy has two flights (call them C and D, with the enemy aligning their flights C vs. A and D vs. B, your options are:
  1. A attacks C and B attacks D, with neither fighter supporting the other,
  2. A attacks C and B supporting A against C, with D left alone, or
  3. A supports B in an attack against D, with C left alone.
It's your choice. Your opponent must make a similar one regarding how he'll attack you back.
Now, if you're attacking with two flights and the enemy only has one flight, they'll choose which of your two flights to align with - let's say you've got A and B versus C, and defender aligns C with B. In that case, A can only lend support to B's attack against C, and conversely C can only attack B - C can't attack A.

Hopefully that hasn't muddied things up further...

2) After Combat is resolved, the attacker has the option of returning any of their surviving Flights to their Ready Area. They could just as easily opt to leave their Flights right where they are. This is the only case where flights are allowed to move at any point other than during their player's Movement Phase.

3) I think I've largely answered this one with the first question, but to be sure -
  • You "fail" an attack if a flight's attack value, plus the support value of any supporting craft, plus any combat modifiers (maneuvers and battle damage) applied are less than the final defense value of the opposing enemy flight. In that case, the enemy flight stays right where it is.
  • You "succeed" in an attack if all that gunk is equal to or greater than the final defense value of the enemy flight. In that case, the enemy flight is discarded.
  • Combat is resolved simultaneously for all flights involved in combat at a single given nav point. It is possible for both players to mutually annihilate each other's forces during a combat action.
Feel free to ask any more questions you may have. And if you're curious...
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Thank you... That was quite clear and concise. I appreciate you taking the time to write it out.

I will definately check out the vassal version... Looks like fun.