Wing Commander Cartoon Series DVD


Rear Admiral
I received my Wing Commander Acadamy DVD series from Commissar in the mail yesterday and was really impressed with the quality of the transfer. Obviously it isn't a production DVD but for a VHS to DVD transfer, it turned out extremely well. I am watching them on a 35" TV and the pixelation is hardly noticeable. The menus are done well and I really liked hearing the Wing Commander music playing. The entire set fit on 4 DVD-Rs. This is the first time that I've ever seen these since I didn't have USA station when they first came out and my impression is that the series is pretty good so far. I would say that the ships and characters are much better than the actually Wing Commander Movie. It was good to see the classics like the Scimitar and the Broadsword. The only thing we need now are some custom DVD case images so that I can print them out.

Thanks go out to Commissar for offering this to the community.